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Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design Langley is simply a test drive of the new smile before proceeding with the smile make-over/treatment. Digital smile design is the virtual approach replacing the traditional method of laboratory diagnostic wax-up.
Facial photography digital impression/scan of your teeth are used to create a custom-designed smile in the software for you to try on your teeth. This procedure does not need any anesthesia or drilling and is a mock-up of the new smile. 


Why is digital smile design important before smile make-over?

Digital Smile Designing or DSD is a unique smile planning approach that lets us, as your cosmetic dentist/prosthodontist, offer you a visualization of the treatment before the treatment is executed. This will help us improve predictability and better communication.
Using videos, photographs, and temporary mock-ups, we can better understand the harmony between the lips, gums, and teeth and how they work together to form your smile. 


What is the downside of digital smile design?

Although this approach is very convenient and has many advantages, it may be overpromising. It is impossible to provide the exact outcome seen in the digital design in actual clinical situations. It is a great communication tool for the dentist and patient. 

How many appointments are needed for digital smile design?

Digital Smile design may need 1-2 appointments per your case complexity. Each appointment may take up to 30 min. The cost of digital smile design varies per case complexity and starts from $500.

LDG Membership Plan

$499 /Year

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